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About Nanjing donggou riverstones factory

It is very much blessed to possess the national treasure ‘River Stones' in China, earning its reputation all over the world. River Stones are rare and valuable gems containing quartz, jade, and opal etc, originated from Nanjing's Liuhe. It is considered as the best gift for relatives and friends as well as decorations for home due to its dazzling color and telling patterns and unique shapes. ‘Coulee contains essence and the earth's surface bestow it with soul', river stones produced here indeed embody ‘Chinese stunt' with pure texture and splendid color.
  As the largest river stones supplier in China, Nanjing Liuhedonggou River Stones Plant has a glorious history of many years, specialized in the river stone gift and colorful stone products of all specification, winning claims from the clients at home and abroad. The plant, adhering to a ‘quality foremost and credit fundamental' principle, is sincerely willing to cooperate with all clients from all over the world in efforts to jointly create a bright future!